Dynamic comparative case study method

When comparing the models one can see that the energy released as overpressure can be matched setting parameters such as the confinement percentage and the yield coefficient at the right levels.

Qualitative comparative analysis

Thus, the benchmarks represent completely deterministic in- stances. A Boolean Comparative Approach. First of all a three-dimensional model of the refinery is needed.

However, there does not seem to exist a homogenous understanding of this method at present, but originally the term "referred only to those methods that concentrate on directly and clearly quantifiable aspects of text content, and as a rule on absolute and relative frequencies of words per text or surface unit" TITSCHER et al.

Thus it is probably not the use of the TNT or CAM method for overpressure decay per se that gives rise to the differences in costs. The time for the digitalization has been taken from Figure Dynamic comparative case study method and the total area of the cloud has been taken from Figure Simulated maximum overpressure and experimental maximum overpressure [mBar], [ 5 ].

For each prime implicant that QCA outputs via its logical inference reduction process, the "coverage" — percentage out of all observations that exhibit that implication or inference — and the "consistency" — the percentage of observations conforming to that combination of variables having that particular value of the dependent variable or outcome — are calculated and reported, and can be used as indicators of the strength of such a explorative probabilistic inference.

Some scenarios are frowned upon by some and deemed plausible by others.

Comparative genomics

Thus, the input to QCA is a data set of any size, from small-N to large-N, and the output of QCA is a set of descriptive inferences or implications the data supports. However, depending on the depth and range of the extant literature, the initial focus of the case study may be quite Dynamic comparative case study method or broad and open-ended.

BERELSON's book "Content analysis in communication research" first published was the first compendium of the methods and goals of quantitative content analysis which had been developed up to that time, and which concentrated on assessment on the basis of frequency analyses BERELSON, In the case of the FJS, the tabu search e.

Recently, some constraint programming solvers [23, 24] have attained excellent performance in the FJS optimization.

Finally an "explicatory paraphrase" is made of the particular portion of text and the explication is examined with reference to the total context. GDP per capita has to be divided by the researcher in two categories e. Primary Appointments Northwestern University Professor and Chair; Executive Director, Functional Electrical Stimulation Center Restoration of movement using neuroprostheses; neuroprosthesis control system design; natural control of human movements; brain-computer interfacing; biomechanics of movement; computer-based modeling; and system identification A.

However, "extraction" seems to be closely related to MAYRING's structuring since it literally means the extraction of the relevant information from the text by the means of using a category system. Romme ; Kask and Linton [10] [11] Human behavior e.

Thus to screen for EML-scenarios a simpler model type should be used. In fact, the theoretical basis of the first moves towards analyses of contents was Harold D.

However, calculations are usually only considering peak overpressure and positive impulse [ 14 ]. Comprehensive R Archive Network. The inventory was modelled as pure Heptane. The heat capacity and heat of vaporisation depends on the temperature, hence ExTool overestimates the flash fraction.

All in all, there are many aspects to investigate further in order to make potential loss predictions more reliable, and this should be well worthwhile since much money is at stake when plant owners and insurers decide on insurance limits and premiums.

Releasable Inventory For the brokers modelling the releasable amount had been set to a standard value of 50 percent of the vessel or drum size. Two specific problems of content analysis that are often discussed in this context are problems of inference and problems of reliability TITSCHER et al.

A pressure-distance curve yields the peak pressure, where the distance is scaled with a TNT mass equivalent. He contended that the quantitative orientation neglected the particular quality of texts and that it was important to reconstruct contexts.

Therefore, the scheduling method and algorithm have to de- termine the assignment of elements to sublots, the assignment of sublots to machines, and sequence of processing the sublots on every machine.

Linton and Kask [13] Education e. This study reveals the importance of national and regional governmental, cultural and social context as both potential enablers and beneficiaries of organisational, social and environmental strategy and control innovation and implementation.

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3. This discussion integrates key concepts from case research methodology, theory development, the configurational approach to organizations, and actual research experience, in order to suggest a “systematic process” for doing qualitative research, described as the Dynamic-Comparative Case Study Method (D-CCSM).

Off-Line and Dynamic Production Scheduling – A Comparative Case Study

Vol.7, No.3, May, Mathematical and Natural Sciences. Study on Bilinear Scheme and Application to Three-dimensional Convective Equation (Itaru Hataue and Yosuke Matsuda). The Department of Biomedical Engineering was established in at Case Western Reserve University, founded on the premise that engineering principles provide an important basis for innovative and unique solutions to a wide range of biomedical and clinical challenges.

Qualitative Comparative Analysis – A Rigorous Qualitative Method for Assessing Impact QCA is a case based method which allows evaluators to identify different combinations of factors that are critical to.

Dynamic comparative case study method
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